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Some Pet Issues Faced By HomeOwners

Most of us have at least one pet at home and treat them as one of our family members. Pets can be as destructive as a toddler. It is not the damage caused to the property but the safety of the pet that concerns the most. A dog or a cat can quickly destroy a plastic blind placed on windows. Your kittens and puppies are always extra active, and choosing pet-friendly blinds and window shades can be challenging. A dealer in roller shutter maintenance, Singapore, points out that he has placed roller shutters in windows so his pet can be safe inside the home, and the shutters also last long.

Puppies can easily shred coverings into bits and pieces. In summer, you need to take care of the ventilation without providing ways for your pets to leave home. Installing a shutter for your doors and windows is an excellent idea. You can have more ventilation as you can leave the doors and windows open, and the shutter will prevent the pets from leaving your home.

Different Pet-Friendly Roller Shutters, Shades And Blinds For Homes

Life is easier when you have pet-friendly items around the house. Pets, like kids, are more attracted to everything that happens outside the home. A mailman, cat, birds, a squirrel can all be reasons for excitement. Your pet does not realise that such pesky intruders don’t cause any harm to them. They bark and try to put their paws, faces and heads through the windows to get a good view of them. You can never control pets, but you can install pet-friendly blinds to keep them safe. You can protect the windows with different blinds like:

  • Mini Blinds – The most affordable and popular blind used on windows, but pets can quickly destroy it. Your pets can easily open it to get a good view. The blinds are made of aluminium and vinyl, which can be bent easily. A dog can quickly shove their entire body through it and get tangled in the process destroying the blinds and harming them.

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  • Vertical Blinds – These are kid-friendly blinds. It allows the pet to slip through without getting tangled easily. It is used to cover more oversized windows or sliding doors. Pets will not find it fun to chew vertical blinds, which is another saviour.
  • Wood Blinds – wooden blinds are sturdier than aluminium and vinyl. It can be tilted open to get a good view of the pets. It gives a more extensive view for the pets, so they will not have to force their bodies through the blinds.

Roller shutters are a great option to protect pets. It is very sturdy, and it looks fantastic. It is excellent on French windows and doors. Roller shutter maintenance is easy, and it can last longer. Shades are another option to protect pets. The different shades available are:

  • Roman Shades – It is a single piece shade without the cord and looks great on windows. There are no slats to chew on or stick their paws, heads and their bodies. To make these shades look sophisticated and classy, you can decorate them with valances.
  • Roller Shades – It is an excellent choice as they don’t collect pet hair. There are no gaps between the slats. The slats can easily slip like a drapery or curtain.
  • Bamboo shades – These shades look like hanging scratch pads for pets. The hanging cords are perfect for pets to attack or vent their anxiety.

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Other Options To Keep Pets Safe

Check Out – Puddled drapes are a great addition at home for pets. It can be placed on the floor to form a well like a puddle of soft fabric. Your pets will get attracted, and they curl up on it like in a bed. A window fabric will act as a perfect climbing tool for the cats. Take care to avoid dangling cords as they can be dangerous for pets. If your dog still hates the mailman, then have an opaque window shade that will dampen the noise. A designated window for the pets is another great idea where your pets will slowly get used to their window.

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